The Haven Project

Endeavour provide Domestic Abuse support for those in temporary accommodation

What the Haven Project provides…

The main role of the Haven Project service is to support survivors who are in temporary accommodation including dispersed properties, bed and breakfast and hostel accommodation to move on with their lives.

Not everyone is able to access Refuge accommodation  for numerous reasons including, no access to benefits, if you are employed as the cost is high or if you have a male child living with you aged 16 or above. There are no refuge places for males fleeing domestic abuse in the North of England.

The aim of providing support is to prevent the survivor feeling isolated and helps them feel supported around their own personal experience of the domestic abuse.

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Going further to reach those who would otherwise go unnoticed...

The Haven Project can support people who are harder to reach, who may have other support needs such as drug, alcohol or mental health issues, English may not be their first language, they may not be engaging with services or lead chaotic life styles.

We implement an individualised package of support to suit each person in their particular situation.

Endeavour’s individual support packages will include:

  • Establishing a positive relationship with the person/family
  • Encouraging and involving each person in defining their needs and priorities to be addressed
  • Designing a programme of action, coaching and activities to raise confidence and self esteem
  • Identify, liaise and provide advocacy support to help family access other appropriate service providers
  • Impart and develop skills for managing independently
  • Working with partner agencies to find safe and secure accommodation

If you need support and assistance… Endeavour can help.

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Who will refer me to the Haven Project?

You can be referred to Haven by your support worker, Housing options, midwives, schools, the social care team, the Police or other partner agencies.

Will I still be able to access support if I am drug or alcohol dependant?

We are non-judgemental service and will work with you to get any support you may need. We can make a referral to the Achieve Drug and Alcohol Service and we can support you with the first appointment.

Can you help with any practical items I may need when I find accommodation

Yes, we can provide up to six weeks food parcels, toiletries and clothing you may need to last you the first few weeks until your benefit claim or sick pay has come through.

What if my ex-partner won’t return my kids after contact?

If this happens then you may have to look at a prohibited steps order by applying in court as an emergency and again this can be carried out either by a solicitor or the Haven project worker will support you with the paperwork and court attendance.

How long will you work with me for?

With the Haven Project worker, you will put an action plan together around your needs, wishes and support. When all actions have been completed, if nothing else occurs during the time then the project worker will look at signposting/referring to the confidence building group called ‘Let’s Get Going’ or sign post to other agencies

Will there be a translator during my one to one sessions as English is my second language?

We work to make our service as accessible as possible and have several community language speakers as part of our team. If we are unable to translate in house we have the option to use other external services.

When will I get another house?

We cannot answer that as it depends on the 56 day assessment that Homeless Options carry out, however we can support you with registering on Pinpoint Homes for Bolton and making bids each week

Can you do some work with me around domestic abuse as my head is full? on

I can explain the cycle of abuse and how it works, traits of the dominator, effects domestic abuse has on children and keeping yourself safe.

How can I get a non-molestation order?

This can be applied for by a solicitor’s appointment. If you are on benefits, a legal aid eligibility check will be made. If you do not qualify for legal aid, then the project worker can support you with the form filling and applying for you via the court system. The project worker can accompany you also to the court appointments

In An Emergency

Helpful advice about what to do in an emergency situation

Want to talk to us?

There are several ways you can contact us here at Endeavour.
You can telephone:
Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 5.00pm

Tel: 01204 394 842


Via Facebook messager service:

Alternatively, fill out this contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.