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A essential part of the charity

Fundraising ensures our services continue...

Fundraising means we are able to continue to develop our services ensuring we provide the best possible for support for all that need us. Anyone can get involved, groups, individuals, companies, stores or schools. There are so many ways you can support us.

We need amazing people like you to support our events and initiatives and spread the word about Endeavour. No matter how big or small, whatever help you can give we would love to hear from you.

What is fundraising?

The dictionary definition of fundraising is ‘the seeking of financial support for a charity, cause, or other enterprise’.

When you read those words they are exactly that, cold blunt words with very little meaning. The reality is that fundraising is the difference between the basic funding that provides a service and the items that change lives.

Here at Endeavour, we have an amazing team, and offer seven services covering all aspects of Domestic Abuse. We have always, and will continue to go above and beyond.

How we raise much needed funds

Throughout the year, Endeavour undertake a range of both Sponsored Events, including the Great Manchester Run, Zip Wires or Swim with Sharks. These run alongside Hosted Events such as our Ladies Lunch and Fashion Shows. We welcome everyone to take part and join us, so please contact us.

How we use your donations

Through the generosity of our supporters we are able to provide clothes, underwear and shoes for those who are so frightened of their abusers that they leave with nothing more than they stand in. We can provide emergency home packs that contain a duvet, pillow and covers providing possibly the first safe night’s sleep in months sometimes years.

Basics which we all take for granted, such as pots and pans that allow a mum or dad to cook a meal for their family. Often families can be placed in hotel accommodation, by providing slow cookers it allows them to have hot meals without having to rely on expensive convenience food.

Fundraising means that much loved animals who need a safe place to go whilst their owners leave abusive relationships can be safe in foster care, can have food and love and veterinary care if needed.

Fundraising provides gifts for children when they have had to leave all their toys behind.

Fundraising is reliant on people like you to support us and enable to continue to make these differences.

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Want to get Involved?

There are so many ways you can help Endeavour. If you are interested and wish to speak directly to us, we would be very pleased to hear form you.


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Alternatively, fill out this contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.