Paws Lottery

Better odds than the National Lottery!

Join the Paws Lottery & make a difference!

Joining the Paws Lottery not only gives you the opportunity of winning a cash prize, but also ensures financial security for Endeavour.

50% of all funds raised by the Paws Lottery goes back into the service – the more numbers bought by supporters means larger cash prizes plus financial security for the Pets Project so it is a win-win situation for supporters and pets.

Paws Lottery draw GDPR
At Endeavour we are vigilant about confidentiality and sharing peoples information without their consent and In line with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that comes in to force on the 25th May we have updated our policy to comply with the new regulations. We will no longer be sharing the full names of our Paws Lottery members in our newsletter and our website.

How to enter

You can join by downloading the standing order form below or by ringing the Endeavour office on 01204 394842.

Download the Paws Lottery standing order form.

Return the completed form to Paws Lottery, Endeavour Project, 26 Chorley New Road, Bolton, BL1 4AP Tel: 01204 394842 Charity Number 1084861


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