Endeavour Project

Welcome to our website

You may have noticed some changes around here as we moved over from ‘Paws for Kids’ to ‘Endeavour Project’.

But why did we change? In 2015 the board and staff team decided it was time to have a name that reflected the work we do. Paws for Kids didn’t really explain what we do as we now have established 4 projects.

But more importantly, having a working name of ‘Endeavour’ with the strap line ‘End Domestic Abuse for People and their Pets’. Gives a clear picture of what we are trying to do.

This has always been our mission, and now we feel our name says exactly what we are trying to do. We all felt that this new named reflected both the ethos of the charity and also the work ethics of all the staff team.
It may take some time, but we won’t stop- we will always Endeavour to end Domestic Abuse for people and their pets.

Don’t worry the charity will still be registered as Paws for Kids but as you will see from our new logos all will be Endeavour Projects.- this is registered as a ‘working name’ with the charities commission. Nothing else has changed.

We feel that these are positive changes and hope you’ll join us on our continued journey. With your support we will Endeavour to End Domestic Abuse for People & their Pets


Quotes from families who have used the
Pet Service, IDVA Service and Safe Haven Project